Mar 26, 2012

sketches and a painting

Well hello again my dear world, this time I brought some sketchbook randomness with me... and a painting. Tell me if you see an improvement, some are quite old.... 
I also want to introduce you to my grandfather and his Scrat hat (yes Scrat for the Ice Age movie) my cousins made him wear. It was very fun to draw though it kind of reminds me of Van Gogh  :P
aaand of course I have a lot more sketches, but these are the ones I have scanned so far.. a big notebook is good for drawing, but certainly not for scanning.... but oh well.
And here's the painting. I wanted to post it now cause I'm proud of it! :D its the first thing of mine that goes on display this year! and its a painting! I used to be so bad at it...

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