Sep 25, 2012

balls... and character

So I finally finished my first four animations! :D
I dont love these two, but I worked really hard on them, and I guess the "learn from your mistakes" thing does apply here. Now here are my balloon and my bowling ball, aaaaand dear lord I just saw something I have to fix on the balloon... if I have time....

Also, I finished my character rotation of Goldilocks (the pupet/bear on the blog's banner) it took me like a month less on work than the character I did for my portfolio. I have no idea how did this happen, but I even think it looks decent. The only things that bother me are the line quality and the feet on the front view. I hope my teacher likes it too :/

Sep 22, 2012

the beginning

Sooo school has started, and its a lot of work! I won't lie, I saw it coming, and I'm liking it so far, but I need to improoove! there are so many talented people (but they're really nice people too)
Anyway I tried practicing with my tablet to make a drawing for my country's independence day, and yes I'm not good in photoshop, but the practice'll make you better^^

And also... I did my very first animation!!! It was the bouncing ball. For many people its like ¨a bouncing ball, boring, whatever...¨ but for me is a big breakthrough! I also did a bowling ball, a ballon, and a pendulum, but I might do some changes to the first two so I'll just show you the bouncing ball and the pendulum.