Dec 27, 2012


I did this character based on Mary Blair's style, I had so much fun with her ^^
I'm was also working on a new banner for the blog using this character and Mary's style, seriously it's easy and fun! I think its helping me to loosen myself a bit too.
Here's the full version of the picture on the banner, I think I'll scan it again once I get close to a better scaner though. The "a" in art was particularly fun to do. Zoom to see the details :)


Dec 16, 2012

royal winter fair!

I wish I'd done better on this, but at the time I felt these were probably the best animal drawings I'd ever done. I dont think that anymore, but I guess that means improvement :)

This guy was originally earless, and I have proof! but my teacher though it was better to add ears to him :P