Oct 21, 2013

New W(y)ork

Nah I havent been to New York in a while, but it sounds like a nice place for an animator. Judging from what my teachers had to say, New York was a good place to make connections and work as an animator. I dont know if it still is.
Either way, I'm alive! I've had tons of work, some of which I want to work a little bit more on before posting it.
Most of what I have today is animation, not amazing, but I put a lot of hard work into it. Also a new character. Any name suggestions for him are welcome.

First is my wave/boat/sack assignment

Now my nameless character, he's an Axolotl. And they could get extinct in their habitat! So whenever you visit Xochimilco be nice to the environment please.

Now, my lift and toss animation! to which I hope I can add more details after christmas (something good might come under the tree this year...) 
This was also my very first time using flash for a frame by frame, drawing by drawing, animation. My hand hurt like crazy! But I hope to get better at working digitally.

Oct 2, 2013

Beat boards

Storyboard, storyboard, storyboard.... Ok they're actually beat boards, and now I finally understand that the "storyboard" we were supposed to work on on the entrance portfolio were actually beats. Yes! to the people who want to get into the animation world, learn the difference between beat boards and story boards ;)
Now to my very first beat boards. They were based of the poems below.