Dec 24, 2011

This was my favorite class last year.... 2D

now its drawing... cause all my 2D classes are on computers this year (those machines hate me so much). Anyway, I'll show you what I did in this class. One of the first projects was to render a building from a picture, it was fun. I learned about composition without realizing I was learning about it :p It was also my first time using gouache (I love this medium. I need more practice, but I like it ) here are some roughs

I liked the japanese one, but it had many details, and I didn't have a lot of time... so here's the final piece

For the next one, we had to use the first letter of our first and last names and add some details to it that could be related to us, it was like making a new font. It was fun! Mine had poodles and candy.

I had a great idea for the next one, but I guess at that time it was harder for me to actually take the things that were on my mind and put them on paper. Anyway, we had to make a combination of textures, shapes, and  animals creating an interesting composition. I choose a monarch butterfly, a quetzal, and something called god's eye made by the Huichol people in my country. Here my first rough (which I like more) and the final piece painted with gouache. Its the bird the part I didn't like... I sort of felt like there were anatomy issues with my rough... but now I'm not sure about it... anyway you learn by making mistakes :p

At some point in the course we had to do the logo for any company or organization we liked. I choose to make a logo for my dad's company. A company dedicated to help people with diabetes that have the risk of losing a foot.
Here is what I came up with. The company name is Lazasi. I liked it more than the logo he already had, but it was really hard to do for me cause I didn't know how to use Illustrator at the time. And now that I know how to use it... well I still prefer to use gouache. The darker parts on the foot are supposed to represent gangrene.

This is all for today, I hope everyone one has a great holiday. Merry Christmas! 

Dec 20, 2011

Dear 24 hours diary.....

Oh Christmas break.... I love you! This time I'm posting something I'm like 75% proud of: the 24 hours diary I did last term in my 2D class. I won't lie, I had to pull two all nighters to do it, but I think it looks decent, and it was fun! I didn't do a lot of thumbnails for this. I always had on my mind the idea that I wanted something inspired by Alice in Wonderland (because I love that concept! every girl wants to be like Alice right?). I'll show you some roughs.

and the final piece painted with gouache

Nov 17, 2011

Life drawing..... why did I handed this in!?

This time I bring to you my first vca 2nd year life drawing assignment: gestures, contour, and boxes.
But seriously why did I handed this awful things in!? I blame the person sitting next to me at the time I made that decision! He or she should have told me how bad these were. But oh well.... here they are...
First, the gestures. I found out that I'm horrible at drawing if I don't do a gesture first, which I think is not bad.... but I should be able to do more than that. This first one is the one I like the most of the two. Its incomplete, but I find the upper part is somehow strong. I enjoy doing gestures :p

 Look at this! her position in the page is terrible, plus her legs are skinnier than they should be

 Now we come to the boxes (this had a name, but I don't remember it right now) I guess you can tell what the assignment was about by looking at the drawing. We were supposed to recreate the model's pose using boxes, but I found this kind of confusing, I didn't know how much detail to add to it. For example, if it had to be more like planes than like boxes, but I wasn't sure how to explain this at that time.
 Next is a contour... of Ron! the best model ever! I think this went well, considering how bad I am at contour drawings. I don't know if its just me or my line quality is improving. One thing I would change though its his hair... he has more and longer hair.
Okay... maybe I don't dislike these drawings so much, but the fact that I think they're bad hopefully means I'm improving...

Nov 14, 2011

Photorealistic huh?

Well, hello people. Today I present to you.... my various attempts in photorealism :) I'm gonna highlight that, ATTEMPTS  Yes, I don't consider myself good at it, that's why I'm aiming to a more cartoony thing. Anyway this was part of my Imaging systems class, which I prefer to call "technical headache provoking drawing" Oh perspective! my dear... um... I don't like you.
 Here is my second attempt (I lost the first one, and it was awful) my desktop lamp
I think I actually liked this one. I know the base is all distorted, but I put a lot of effort into it, I promise! also the shade on the bulb is kind of oversized, I'm not perfect. period.
Now my third attempt, and the final project, which I kinda like, but at the same time I feel like I could have done this a lot better, or I don't know. It just looked better in my mind.

The first one, is the wireframe we always had to do for every project. For some reason, every time I look at it in person, I feel prouder about the wireframe than for the final piece. But now that I look at the picture I think I like the final more. I was inspired by the gothic style, more specifically Notre-Dame. Do you see the heart on the side window? that was my idea! :D but I think it looks better in the small window at the front. Some of the reasons I don't like it are the perspective of the waterfall (yeah I don't like perspective) and the fact that it doesn't seem like someone would actually live there... as I said, it looked better in my mind.

Now I'm remembering something my drawing teacher told me to do:

PERSPECTIVE IS MY FRIEND PERSPECTIVE IS MY FRIEND PERSPECTIVE IS MY FRIEND PERSPECTIVE IS MY FRIEND.... he actually wanted me to write this like a kinder garden kid learning the abc..  I wonder If I'll ever be able to grasp this concept.

By the way, I used copic markers for both. This didn't turn out so well, but I loved those markers <3

Oct 22, 2011

3D! actual 3D touchable....heads

Hello people, I shall show you what my 3D classes have been like. Last year I did some fun and frustrating stuff ehem... cardboard head, this year is all limited to sculpture, but I'll show you both.

First let's look at my cardboard head, yay cardboard! yay cuts in my fingers! yay olfa knife! I think you got the idea... we were supposed to do our head with cardboard for this project, It was a really hard one, but I do think I got something from it since this was my first time thinking about how the human head was structured. I did this project around october last year, and I think it was a good thing to take some photos of it in process.

And now... The final piece!

Now I'll show you something from my sculpture class. I also learned a lot about the head structure from doing this; nothing like a three dimensional approach to the human head to learn how to handle it. I was supposed to make the head of one of my classmates but she wasn't there so I ended up doing a sculpture of another sculpture. Here the model:

And here is my sculpture on clay

I actually enjoyed doing the second one, it was like a break for some of my hardest classes *cough*computer involved classes*cough* I also felt happy with the results, I probably also like the fact that I was doing someone else's head because when I try to do something related to me it just... is more difficult.

Oct 6, 2011

Hello again! Early life drawing...

Sooo.... Here I am again, I know I abandoned this blog for a few months, but hey! the first month of school isn't easy! especially if it is in another country with a different language and culture. Anyway, I'm here now. I'll let you know about my artistic background. I've studied art for one year so far, and now aiming to get into animation (unfortunately not very lucky on this) I'm starting the second year of my art education. The first year, as the name of the program suggests, introduced me to the fundamentals of art. I studied drawing, painting, design... all in their most basic forms of course. Today I'll show you some of the life drawing stuff I did back then. I drew all of this about 6 months ago, and at that moment I felt it was awesome, but now that I look at it, it feels like I'm looking at some really bad drawings I wish I had never made. Anyway, you have to do bad stuff before doing something like a master right? I'll show you some of my more recent drawings later.

The two big drawings are the ones I still kinda like...

Jul 25, 2011

First Post (such an original title)

Okay, first I promise I'll think of better titles for the next posts. Second, there are some things you might need to know. Here I am finally keeping the promise I made around two years ago of creating my own blog. To be honest I googled a little about what personal blogs should be about, and this was the word that rang  a bell on me: PERSONAL. Even though many of my friends have blogs about art or animation, and the blogs I read the most are about music, I'll give myself permission to post whatever I want. Still I have to say I would like to give my art a little bit more preference over all the topics. What I mean is, expect some variety from me. Another thing is, english is not my first language, but I wanted to make this blog so that more people could understand it. So if you ever see a trace of my bad english let me know and I'll gladly correct it ^ ^ 
Now without anything else to say. Welcome to my blog! comments and feedback are appreciated.
Also I did everything here unless I say its from another artist.