Feb 8, 2013

not so fictional planet, aaaand boring still lifes

I dont like the castle anymore, but I think that these paintings turned nice overall (nothing to do with their still life predecessors) I feel like I already know what the teacher is gonna say about them, but I realized about it too late. Either way I hope I did good ^^
day and night scenes from a fictional planet, although maybe this isnt too fictional, and for the first time the real versions look better than the scans

and still lifes.. did I mention that I dislike doing still lifes? they are boring! well at leas this kind of objects people usually use for still lifes... I shouldn't have tried to make this a fancy painting. I learned my lesson, next time the objects will be mine, not my mom´s.

Feb 7, 2013

walk combo!

So for this assignment I had to do a walk cycle using the pink panther (which I dont own) and another walk cycle for my hippie character that became a ballerina

 I learned a few things from this: 1) make a walk cycle that fits your character design 2) go easy on you if you havent done a walk cycle before 3) avoid "realistic proportions" on your first walk cycle. Learn from my mistakes.

Feb 4, 2013

layout textures

I didn't quite get the style thing, but we were supposed to draw the way things would be in real life, then reversing textures, and another drawing with our style. I don't really feel like I have a style so... this is how it turned out. I really liked drawing the killer bass and the flying chinchillas :P


My bone assignment, WHAT IS A SKULL!?


This is mainly for my med school friends to see because I dont love it, but I wont deny that I learnt a lot.