Mar 29, 2013

altar de esqueletos

Here's my bone test.... which I did at the beginning of this term.... however not even photoshop was able to fix the endeavors of my crappy camera.
Anyway I worked really hard on this. I wanted it to be "día de muertos" themed and drew the same thing like 5 times before doing the actual thing. It didn't do as good as wanted it to, but it's been one of my highest marks in life drawing. I particularly like the skeleton with the guitar.

Mar 15, 2013


Sooo more painting, sometimes I feel like that's what I have the most in this blog, I like it, but it takes me so long to do! Anyway these two are supposed to show a different mood using a different color palette. I'm not too sure I accomplished that thou :/ the second one looks better in real life

Mar 14, 2013

Pan Market and Layout Giants

I really like  Snobby Ms Pig, and now I'm trying to use her in character design. this assignment is from the last term, but I hadnt had time to deal with mr. photoshop to flatten the layers, its a background to pan on a scene.

Now the second one is from this term, and its a bunny and a baby tiger (I think there is an anime or somethign called bunny and tiger) this one was to work on the relationship between a very big character and a very small one.

lady and the animation

My latest animation assignment
MIAO! or Meow, depending on your language. We had to do an existing character with his or her head rotation, saying miao, and making an expression. And I chose Lady! I love dogs, and Lady and the Tramp, along with the Little Mermaid, and a certain video game were my turning point in deciding what to do with my life. So yeah it was fun, challenging, its hard to stay on model, and there werent many model sheets on lady, so its working with what you have. Also, I think I need to work more on my timing, I feel like I do the actions go too fast. Anyway here it is