Feb 22, 2015

School Portfolio and some stuff

Heyyyyyy! So school has been busier than last year, BUT Ive learned twice as much! :D

Anyway, now I have a school portfolio for applying to companies, and places.... Im so nervous! But I been working really hard, especially in animation.
So most of my nice stuff is gonna be in the portfolio site, but I like posting things here as well cause I think the learning process is just as important as the end result.

Here is the link: http://animation.sheridanc.on.ca/portfolio/2016/gomezcam/

Aaaand I also have some stuff from when I was working on my action analysis. My workbook, which I actually think tuned out really well. I like rendering with pencil :P
(btw my AA can be seen in the portfolio site)

This year's life drawing also got more fun. We got to rake some poses and make a superhero characterout of them. They put this one on the wall :)
and as always I love drawing animals!