Dec 27, 2012


I did this character based on Mary Blair's style, I had so much fun with her ^^
I'm was also working on a new banner for the blog using this character and Mary's style, seriously it's easy and fun! I think its helping me to loosen myself a bit too.
Here's the full version of the picture on the banner, I think I'll scan it again once I get close to a better scaner though. The "a" in art was particularly fun to do. Zoom to see the details :)


Dec 16, 2012

royal winter fair!

I wish I'd done better on this, but at the time I felt these were probably the best animal drawings I'd ever done. I dont think that anymore, but I guess that means improvement :)

This guy was originally earless, and I have proof! but my teacher though it was better to add ears to him :P

Nov 19, 2012

more animation ^o^

Makes me happy I'm doing something I think looks decent, and my teacher this time thought so too cause I got a great mark. I was so happy! this assignment was about using s and c curve. They're a little hard at the beginning, but at some point I guess they start coming out of you a bit more naturally.

For this one you deal with perspective and it was hard, and I'm not too good with the logic of how things move. I'm just glad I was able to make it right in the end :)

Nov 18, 2012

Layout shots

Still not sure how to name these guys... But now they're in some sort of story, the las panel looked better in big thou :/


Nov 17, 2012

skies and clouds....

I felt so sad with this assignment, but at the end I just could not find the time to make it better... and I spent almost 4 hours on the final painting *sigh* Our next assignment are textures and I'm gonna work my soul out to get them as beautiful as the real thing! /(*-*)/
For now just enjoy the scanned better looking pictures of my clouds.

Nov 1, 2012

Mati ghost

His name is Mati, but I have to work on making my characters more loose. I love how everyone else's characters are so spaghetti like. This guy is supposed to be a ghost; however, I had to show weight and mass on him, so I gues he's not dead yet. I hope you can get his personality on his poses :)


I personally think character design is not one of my best, so I want to try and improve it.
Any advice?

Oct 26, 2012

handy feet

At first I didnt like this assignment, but I found it almost fun towards the end. We had to draw our hands and feet realistically, and then we had to do "shorthand" drawings of them. Drawing feet was literally a pain, but it was more fun than drawing hands.

Here's my title page, it looks a lot better digitally(I hope I dont lose marks for the bad quality of the printed one, but I forgot that I had to use the print settings :O)

I tried to do some action in all of the drawings, it was like making hands for my portfolio all over again, but it didnt worry me too much this time :P

Here the shorthands which I hope are good cause we (my classmates and I) didn't know very well what to do about them. And yeah I'm a really bony person..

Oct 21, 2012


SO I got a sad B on my first painting assignment, which doesnt surprise me cause I've never been too good at painting, but like I said before, I've improved, and my teacher thought so too^^
and now here's my second assignment, a sphere, which turned out to be harder than expected. I have to say I really liked the results, except for a bump in the top of the sphere I didnt notice before. I actually like it, not perfect, but a lot better than my first spheres :)

Oct 6, 2012


Well... <3 this is the first layout-ish thing I actually like! and it didnt take me too long to do, and it was rendered, and maybe I am too excited, but this makes me happy. Even though there's a possibility I will not like this anymore after a month or so, right now I'll just enjoy the moment.  I hope I can get a good mark on it too.

So I did the whole structure/perspective thing, and then the rendered version. The characters still need names, and suggestions are welcome :P

Seeing it digitally, I think I like the rough better than the final :/

Oct 4, 2012

so... painting

I probably didnt do too well on this assignment, and I pray to the lord I pass this class....
So I had to do paintings with gouache, and it was fun... but it was hard too. You know I've never been good at painting; however, I kinda like it...
Anyway, I think I AM improving, and I really hope I'm right

I started with gradient studies the first one is supposed to be "transparent" and we had to see some of the paper, the second one was completely opaque, and it was also easier.


Next came the color gradients, cool and warm colors with black and white. The black is the hardest one I wonder why..

After this the assignment consisted of making a composition and then painting it with flat achromatic tones, achromatic tones with gradient, and finally color gradient. And here is the part where I think I'm improving, I hope my teacher can agree with me on that, but I also have to say that the color one was the most fun to do ^_^

Sep 25, 2012

balls... and character

So I finally finished my first four animations! :D
I dont love these two, but I worked really hard on them, and I guess the "learn from your mistakes" thing does apply here. Now here are my balloon and my bowling ball, aaaaand dear lord I just saw something I have to fix on the balloon... if I have time....

Also, I finished my character rotation of Goldilocks (the pupet/bear on the blog's banner) it took me like a month less on work than the character I did for my portfolio. I have no idea how did this happen, but I even think it looks decent. The only things that bother me are the line quality and the feet on the front view. I hope my teacher likes it too :/

Sep 22, 2012

the beginning

Sooo school has started, and its a lot of work! I won't lie, I saw it coming, and I'm liking it so far, but I need to improoove! there are so many talented people (but they're really nice people too)
Anyway I tried practicing with my tablet to make a drawing for my country's independence day, and yes I'm not good in photoshop, but the practice'll make you better^^

And also... I did my very first animation!!! It was the bouncing ball. For many people its like ¨a bouncing ball, boring, whatever...¨ but for me is a big breakthrough! I also did a bowling ball, a ballon, and a pendulum, but I might do some changes to the first two so I'll just show you the bouncing ball and the pendulum.

Aug 20, 2012

the ones that didnt make it

Just a bunch of life drawings that didn't make it into my portfolio's life drawing section... I've been really bad at updating this, but since its summer, and my bed and I have been trying to improve our relationship... not many new posts have made their way to the blog..
anyway here you go...

I loved this one!!

It was a hands and feet assignment, but I'll post the hands later

My teacher didn't like this one as much as I did, but I had fun doing it

My teahcers didn't consider this to be good enough for my portfolio, still I really like them

May 30, 2012

Summer glass

Sooo today I'm here to show what I do in my "summer job" which is called glass etching! well I'm not really the one that does the etching, I just do drawings, use an knife to cut them out trying to leave positive or negative spaces, and then its send to Rigo (the etching guy) who wears a mask and uses a pressure machine to add sand size pieces of glass into the part of the glass that's left exposed. (Remember English is not my first language so this is a little hard to explain, but here are some photos of what I do.)

I started by put tape all over the piece of glass I had, this was a free drawing so I decided to do a seahorse
Look at the knife there. It a signal of that poor tape's destiny
Next is to use the knife to take off all of the tape from the places where you want the etching to be. In this case the seahorse.
Here's a detail from his face, notice the little pieces of tape left in order to respect the shape

Once you're don with the knife, the glass is taken to the etching room (which doesn't take more than 5 minutes) and here's the result:

Now you just take all the tape off the glass and voila!

I'll show you more of etching next time!

May 16, 2012


Hellooooo! I must admit I've been lazy on updating this blog, but my computer is so slow I get lazy just with thinking I have to wait for it to turn on completely. Anyway, a few entries ago I said I was working on 3 projects... I'm not sure I'll show all of them... one turned out really bad... and I need to steal my parents' good camera XD I'll begin by showing my favorite:
My creepy doll sculpture!

  • found objects
  • clay to give it some weight
  • thread
  • glue
  • acrylic paint
  • fabric
  • wire
her face was a mardi grass ornament, some sort of mask, which I painted later. I also took the bell from that ornament.

The fish tail is because of some creepy news I heard when I was little about a doll that had a fish skeleton

Do you like it?
Are you scared?
A little?
This was based on Batman's fear of bats, Walt Disney's fear of mice, and my fear of porcelain dolls...
well I kinda like them... from a distance. Rozen Maiden is one of my favorite anime :P