May 16, 2012


Hellooooo! I must admit I've been lazy on updating this blog, but my computer is so slow I get lazy just with thinking I have to wait for it to turn on completely. Anyway, a few entries ago I said I was working on 3 projects... I'm not sure I'll show all of them... one turned out really bad... and I need to steal my parents' good camera XD I'll begin by showing my favorite:
My creepy doll sculpture!

  • found objects
  • clay to give it some weight
  • thread
  • glue
  • acrylic paint
  • fabric
  • wire
her face was a mardi grass ornament, some sort of mask, which I painted later. I also took the bell from that ornament.

The fish tail is because of some creepy news I heard when I was little about a doll that had a fish skeleton

Do you like it?
Are you scared?
A little?
This was based on Batman's fear of bats, Walt Disney's fear of mice, and my fear of porcelain dolls...
well I kinda like them... from a distance. Rozen Maiden is one of my favorite anime :P

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