Apr 11, 2012

Animal Sketches!! and lame score sheet (T_T)

So I was seeing all these sketches I had, and I realized many of them were animals in my atempt to improve on the subject for my portfolio.
I did these guys last semester

Also durign the winter fair I learned that cows can be as big as an elephant... and they hardly fit in your page if you don't know that. So I just considered this guy to be decent enough to show.

Then during christmas break... Meet Carlos the Iguana :D (He has the face of a Carlos, so I decided that should be his name) and his friend...

Last week I went to my roommate's town and I met her dogs and cats! but since the cats barely appeared, I just drew her dogs

 I did some leg sudies and then I tried doing more of a character with the dogs

Finally, a new sketch of my dear character Chiripa who got all fours in my portfolio evaluation :D
Though neither of us deserve that.... She is mean and I don't feel like my drawings of her were good enough...

 Oh and my sad 3.15 scoresheet....
Why am I posting these? because when I was working on my portfolio these things were good feedback to me! so I hope this can help somebody :)