Apr 27, 2016

Hey! Our third year film

I was blessed to work with such awesome people on this project, and it brought so many great things!
I animated a couple of scenes with the dog and the mom, also did the laundry layout :D

  Mother from StephanieC on Vimeo.

Animation Demo Reel

  Animation Demo Reel 2016 from Ana Campos on Vimeo.

Feb 16, 2016

Summer Internship

Im terrible at updating! im so sorry internet world.
But some good things happened while I was away, first here's my tumblr anamation.tumblr.com
I got to land a great internship at Tinman, learned a lot , and worked on some awesome stuff, like these

Animation based on Fight by Jack Teagle from Ana Campos on Vimeo.

I definetely recomend checking Tinman's work, and intering there :P