Mar 31, 2012

Let's start a musical number because... I got in!

Yes! I did it, after three tries I'm in now!!! I'm sooooo happy! yes! so much I could make a musical number about it. Sorry what I mean is.. that I got into the animation school I wanted :D 
Now I'll finally be making what I want to do! and that's a really nice feeling. I posted my animation portfolio a few days ago saying that I hoped it was the winning one, and it was. I just feel really bad for the people that didn't get in. I've been through that twice, and its a terrible feeling! Its the word they use to say it "refused" it sounds like they angrily said that they didn't want you. But I'll help anyone who wants my help, even if its moral help cause I don't consider myself thaaat good (and I haven't gotten my score sheet yet). Anyways I promise I'll do my best to add all the love of the world in every drawing I do. Hopefully I'll make some good magic that'll make others happy ^ ^
I had many ideas of musical numbers, but I'll just leave you with one that always makes me happy, and its also Chripa's (my character) theme song. For some reason  I just had more fun and inspiration drawing her when I was listening to this.

Sorry... no art today, just happiness. But I'm working on three projects right now, so its all good

Mar 26, 2012

sketches and a painting

Well hello again my dear world, this time I brought some sketchbook randomness with me... and a painting. Tell me if you see an improvement, some are quite old.... 
I also want to introduce you to my grandfather and his Scrat hat (yes Scrat for the Ice Age movie) my cousins made him wear. It was very fun to draw though it kind of reminds me of Van Gogh  :P
aaand of course I have a lot more sketches, but these are the ones I have scanned so far.. a big notebook is good for drawing, but certainly not for scanning.... but oh well.
And here's the painting. I wanted to post it now cause I'm proud of it! :D its the first thing of mine that goes on display this year! and its a painting! I used to be so bad at it...

Mar 13, 2012

Portfolio Part 3 ~layout~

Yes! the las part is here! also one of the hardest 
*cough*room drawing*cough* again sorry for the bad quality photos my camera takes... and my shaky hands

Actually I did have fun drawing this, it was just difficult. But here's another one I really like, my object drawings! I like the second one better, I feel like the first one is kind of empty... but I couldn't make it work as I wanted if it wasn't so simple at first.

Finally here are the sculptures I used as extra pieces... I just feel sad for the crocodile cause again chicken pox didn't let me finish it the way I wanted to.

That's all folks! 
Hope you enjoyed seeing my portfolio and wish me luck... this is my last chance, but as all the people around me say: believe in yourself and be positive!

Portfolio Part 2 ~animation part~ aka the fun part

Actually I had fun doing all of my portfolio. But yeah I guess this was one of the parts I enjoyed the most, except maybe for the storyboard. Don't get me wrong, I love the final thing, but it was hard to do.

Now meet Chiripa :) and her rotation 

please ignore any possible mistakes..... bad thing to look at your portfolio after handing it in... anyway the judges already saw it, and I hope they can forgive my mistakes... but I think its good that I was able to see those mistakes because that means I'm improving... I guess
Next are my action poses and expressions!

Finally for the second part, storyboard! I was so happy they changed the characters, and the story. I just had more practice drawing girls and dogs :P

End of part 2

Mar 12, 2012

Portfolio Part 1 ~life drawing~

Yesterday a friend reminded me to do this... I just hope that in a few days I can say that this is the portfolio that got me in.... please god!
Anyway here's my animation portfolio enjoy seeing the mistakes I didn't see before handing it in..... D:  My confidence went down 1 point, but I worked on this since the summer which adds 1 point, so it cancels it :D (I wasn't bad at math, I just didn't like it)

The first part is Life drawing!!!! (human)

Next is a personal favorite... animals!! aaand I think I didn't do bad.. though I actually wanted to do living animals, not stuffed animals(I feel sad every time I say it :/ ). You can blame chicken pox for not letting me go to the zoo. Ohhh and forgive the bad quality... my camera is not a very nice artifact. 

Next are my haaaands. I liked these too. But I'm not so sure I liked the people's reaction towards them. I wanted to make them funny, not disgusting. 

End of part 1

Mar 4, 2012

Freeedom ~

Hi hi! This girl has finally finished working on her portfolio, and is now crossing every finger in her body so she can get into the school she wants to... But she's also free to write again :D
I'll show you my portfolio once its scanned, but today is the turn of my computer attempts...
First here is my stamp project. Since I'm studying in Canada, we had to come up with some sort of Canada themed stamp, and I choose the author of one of my favorite books "The Handmaid's Tale" by Margaret Atwood.

Speaking of freedom, that's what this story is all about right? I would hate to live in a society like that! but I couldn't stop reading this book. It was only the ending what made me want more.

Here is one project I really liked, it was for my digital media class. We had to do a map on Adobe Illustrator, and I decided to do one on my itunes :P Here you can see my 5 favorite female singers with some traces of vocaloid, disney songs and lady gaga. Before this project we had to reproduce one image to learn how to use the program, and I did a portrait of Kerli, which I ended up using on my map project. Here is Kerli:

And here is the map...
If someone here likes any of these artists I hope you can see my effort to make each part of the map represent the artist.

Now, this pig appeared the first time I tried using photoshop in a decent way (I wasn't aware of the rule of thirds at the time) and it was based on as story my dad told me about his childhood. It was really fun!

This next project wasn't as exciting, we had to do a billboard with some kind of political message. Mine was about brands used to well... brand people. 

That's all for today, but expect more updates from now on ;)