Mar 13, 2012

Portfolio Part 3 ~layout~

Yes! the las part is here! also one of the hardest 
*cough*room drawing*cough* again sorry for the bad quality photos my camera takes... and my shaky hands

Actually I did have fun drawing this, it was just difficult. But here's another one I really like, my object drawings! I like the second one better, I feel like the first one is kind of empty... but I couldn't make it work as I wanted if it wasn't so simple at first.

Finally here are the sculptures I used as extra pieces... I just feel sad for the crocodile cause again chicken pox didn't let me finish it the way I wanted to.

That's all folks! 
Hope you enjoyed seeing my portfolio and wish me luck... this is my last chance, but as all the people around me say: believe in yourself and be positive!

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