Mar 31, 2012

Let's start a musical number because... I got in!

Yes! I did it, after three tries I'm in now!!! I'm sooooo happy! yes! so much I could make a musical number about it. Sorry what I mean is.. that I got into the animation school I wanted :D 
Now I'll finally be making what I want to do! and that's a really nice feeling. I posted my animation portfolio a few days ago saying that I hoped it was the winning one, and it was. I just feel really bad for the people that didn't get in. I've been through that twice, and its a terrible feeling! Its the word they use to say it "refused" it sounds like they angrily said that they didn't want you. But I'll help anyone who wants my help, even if its moral help cause I don't consider myself thaaat good (and I haven't gotten my score sheet yet). Anyways I promise I'll do my best to add all the love of the world in every drawing I do. Hopefully I'll make some good magic that'll make others happy ^ ^
I had many ideas of musical numbers, but I'll just leave you with one that always makes me happy, and its also Chripa's (my character) theme song. For some reason  I just had more fun and inspiration drawing her when I was listening to this.

Sorry... no art today, just happiness. But I'm working on three projects right now, so its all good


  1. Congratulations Ana~
    Ah this is Angelique by the way lol~ I was so happy for you when i found out that you got in. You really have earned it. You worked day and night for it and you know, you really deserved it. I really wish you all the best~ I hope you have a wonderful time filled with awesome happiness and joy... and stuff :D please post lots of work. I'm looking suuuper forward to it <3

  2. Thank You! The comments and feedback of a person like you mean a lot to me :) You're a super nice and honest person (too bad the judges cant see thar) And I do promise to make tons of cool work to make you and other people happy ^^ Aaaaand if you ever need my help with your portfolio let me know okay? I'm not super awesome, but I'll help you in whatever way I can <3