Mar 12, 2012

Portfolio Part 1 ~life drawing~

Yesterday a friend reminded me to do this... I just hope that in a few days I can say that this is the portfolio that got me in.... please god!
Anyway here's my animation portfolio enjoy seeing the mistakes I didn't see before handing it in..... D:  My confidence went down 1 point, but I worked on this since the summer which adds 1 point, so it cancels it :D (I wasn't bad at math, I just didn't like it)

The first part is Life drawing!!!! (human)

Next is a personal favorite... animals!! aaand I think I didn't do bad.. though I actually wanted to do living animals, not stuffed animals(I feel sad every time I say it :/ ). You can blame chicken pox for not letting me go to the zoo. Ohhh and forgive the bad quality... my camera is not a very nice artifact. 

Next are my haaaands. I liked these too. But I'm not so sure I liked the people's reaction towards them. I wanted to make them funny, not disgusting. 

End of part 1

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  1. Wow! I am remembering yourt portfolio last year which was quite good, but with deffinitely have an amazing chance of getting in! Good luck!