Oct 21, 2013

New W(y)ork

Nah I havent been to New York in a while, but it sounds like a nice place for an animator. Judging from what my teachers had to say, New York was a good place to make connections and work as an animator. I dont know if it still is.
Either way, I'm alive! I've had tons of work, some of which I want to work a little bit more on before posting it.
Most of what I have today is animation, not amazing, but I put a lot of hard work into it. Also a new character. Any name suggestions for him are welcome.

First is my wave/boat/sack assignment

Now my nameless character, he's an Axolotl. And they could get extinct in their habitat! So whenever you visit Xochimilco be nice to the environment please.

Now, my lift and toss animation! to which I hope I can add more details after christmas (something good might come under the tree this year...) 
This was also my very first time using flash for a frame by frame, drawing by drawing, animation. My hand hurt like crazy! But I hope to get better at working digitally.

Oct 2, 2013

Beat boards

Storyboard, storyboard, storyboard.... Ok they're actually beat boards, and now I finally understand that the "storyboard" we were supposed to work on on the entrance portfolio were actually beats. Yes! to the people who want to get into the animation world, learn the difference between beat boards and story boards ;)
Now to my very first beat boards. They were based of the poems below.

Sep 12, 2013

My last painting assignment!

which was not painted.... I actually used colored paper, cardboard.... and inspiration from the amazing artist Brittney Lee
I had fun, and I felt I'm a bit better at working with my hands in this way, also I got the best grade I'd ever gotten in this class! It made me so happy!

I forgot to mention I'm a second year student now, so expect more work coming :)

Jul 8, 2013

last two of the year

I havent posted anything for a while... I know, but for some reason all my posting inspiration has left me. Anyways here are my last two animation assignments of the year

this one is the flour sack which was supposed to be the first assignment of the 2nd year...

and there's a new one. In sequence. I was absolutely burnt out while working on this. I wish the me of now would give some advice to the me that was working on this back then. But, learning from your mistakes is partf of one's life~
I did have fun drawing this character though

May 4, 2013

of love and other paintings

Novel interior Painting
Novel used: Del amor y otros Demonios (Of love and other demons) by Gabriel García Márquez

So we basically had to imagine a room from a novel, do the layout, and make a painting with it. I chose Sierva María's room for this since Garcia Marquéz describes it so well. Seriously, reading that part makes you wish that room belonged to you! Probably my painting doesnt give the same feeling, but since it is based on the colonial era in Colombia, I learned a ton of stuff doing it.
 I learned new words, history, LAYOUT, and experimented with some painting techniques.
I wonder what the author of the book would say about it, I'll see if I can contact him and get his opinion :)

Apr 17, 2013

getting better with characters

This is my second succesfull character design! (the first one will be animated, so I'll post it later)
If you remember my pan market, then you may recognize Ms. Snobby Pig, that is gonna stay in the animation wall for an entire year! I could cry of happiness!
Anyway enough words, look at  the girl! Any resemblance to a certain public figure is just coincidence XD
Mine is just above my friend C. Schvepper, she is super nice and talented!

Apr 3, 2013

Misa walk

This was supposed to be my dog walking, and don't get me wrong it does look like her when she's wet. But I think I'm gonna spend the summer animating eyes and walk cycles.

It doesn't look so bad, the walk works, but just doesn't get me into the "feeling." Probably cause I was really burnt out when finishing this. The first year is coming to an end so fast, and my energy is dropping at the same speed. I guess the other thing I'll do during the summer is work on getting a stronger mind and body. hehe, it sounds so meditational... but I hope it can help me stay in shape when working 18/7 (that's right my body wont let me pull all nighters)
whatever here's my girl, sorry for the quality... youtube...

Mar 29, 2013

altar de esqueletos

Here's my bone test.... which I did at the beginning of this term.... however not even photoshop was able to fix the endeavors of my crappy camera.
Anyway I worked really hard on this. I wanted it to be "día de muertos" themed and drew the same thing like 5 times before doing the actual thing. It didn't do as good as wanted it to, but it's been one of my highest marks in life drawing. I particularly like the skeleton with the guitar.

Mar 15, 2013


Sooo more painting, sometimes I feel like that's what I have the most in this blog, I like it, but it takes me so long to do! Anyway these two are supposed to show a different mood using a different color palette. I'm not too sure I accomplished that thou :/ the second one looks better in real life

Mar 14, 2013

Pan Market and Layout Giants

I really like  Snobby Ms Pig, and now I'm trying to use her in character design. this assignment is from the last term, but I hadnt had time to deal with mr. photoshop to flatten the layers, its a background to pan on a scene.

Now the second one is from this term, and its a bunny and a baby tiger (I think there is an anime or somethign called bunny and tiger) this one was to work on the relationship between a very big character and a very small one.

lady and the animation

My latest animation assignment
MIAO! or Meow, depending on your language. We had to do an existing character with his or her head rotation, saying miao, and making an expression. And I chose Lady! I love dogs, and Lady and the Tramp, along with the Little Mermaid, and a certain video game were my turning point in deciding what to do with my life. So yeah it was fun, challenging, its hard to stay on model, and there werent many model sheets on lady, so its working with what you have. Also, I think I need to work more on my timing, I feel like I do the actions go too fast. Anyway here it is

Feb 8, 2013

not so fictional planet, aaaand boring still lifes

I dont like the castle anymore, but I think that these paintings turned nice overall (nothing to do with their still life predecessors) I feel like I already know what the teacher is gonna say about them, but I realized about it too late. Either way I hope I did good ^^
day and night scenes from a fictional planet, although maybe this isnt too fictional, and for the first time the real versions look better than the scans

and still lifes.. did I mention that I dislike doing still lifes? they are boring! well at leas this kind of objects people usually use for still lifes... I shouldn't have tried to make this a fancy painting. I learned my lesson, next time the objects will be mine, not my mom´s.

Feb 7, 2013

walk combo!

So for this assignment I had to do a walk cycle using the pink panther (which I dont own) and another walk cycle for my hippie character that became a ballerina

 I learned a few things from this: 1) make a walk cycle that fits your character design 2) go easy on you if you havent done a walk cycle before 3) avoid "realistic proportions" on your first walk cycle. Learn from my mistakes.

Feb 4, 2013

layout textures

I didn't quite get the style thing, but we were supposed to draw the way things would be in real life, then reversing textures, and another drawing with our style. I don't really feel like I have a style so... this is how it turned out. I really liked drawing the killer bass and the flying chinchillas :P


My bone assignment, WHAT IS A SKULL!?


This is mainly for my med school friends to see because I dont love it, but I wont deny that I learnt a lot.

Jan 6, 2013

end of the term animation

Animation! one class where I'm doing good, I wish I'd had more time to work on the ball toss, but I had so much work during that moment. The timing was so hard on this one!

And here's my baby, a ball with a tail, this one I like better. And I think its cute  :3

textures and master copy

I worked really hard on these, still... not a good mark. but I had fun ^^
The first one is the the best I think

I dont know how I did on this one, but I do like it, and I hope I did well. Mixing all the pinks was a real challenge! But I learnt how to do it :) I choose the layout for the white rabbit house from Disney's Alice in Wonderland as reference for this project.