Feb 25, 2014

Human lip synch

Hello again! So I hope people like this,I worked hard on it. The line he says is from the movie Saving Private Ryan, which I hadnt watched before doing this assignment. But I chose the line like that on purpose, so I could have some freedom applying some of the stuff we learned in acting class :)

All I knew about this movie was that it was about a soldier, so I thought about the many things that could make a soldier say these words in this tone of voice, and tried to make him remember those things when he was speaking. I also did some reasearch on real life world war II, and vietnam soldiers. I hope I did a good job. Although the software messed a bit with me :/

Feb 24, 2014

Interior Painting

I did this last year at around October.. I really liked it back then, but now... I think I could do better... the back wall is bothering me. I must say I do like layout and painting, I'm not very good at it, but I enjoy it, so I'll keep working to improve. Also, I think its amazing when your teacher magically fixes your work in 5 min using photoshop when giving feedback, I wanna be like that someday :D

I have to work on losing the fear of adding cast shadows to my layouts that would improve them so much!