Jun 8, 2017

I'm more active on tumblr

Heey so just so the people that see this know, I have a tumblr account, and since its easier to to update there I just use it more (thou Im still terrible at updating especially since many of the work I do is not to be shared to the public, so I limit it to personal work) Anyways heres a little something I did recently cause I was inspired by my baby cousin, and I wanted to try a different style.

If you like it, you can also support me here Society6 :)

Apr 27, 2016

Hey! Our third year film

I was blessed to work with such awesome people on this project, and it brought so many great things!
I animated a couple of scenes with the dog and the mom, also did the laundry layout :D

  Mother from StephanieC on Vimeo.

Animation Demo Reel

  Animation Demo Reel 2016 from Ana Campos on Vimeo.

Feb 16, 2016

Summer Internship

Im terrible at updating! im so sorry internet world.
But some good things happened while I was away, first here's my tumblr anamation.tumblr.com
I got to land a great internship at Tinman, learned a lot , and worked on some awesome stuff, like these

Animation based on Fight by Jack Teagle from Ana Campos on Vimeo.

I definetely recomend checking Tinman's work, and intering there :P

Feb 22, 2015

School Portfolio and some stuff

Heyyyyyy! So school has been busier than last year, BUT Ive learned twice as much! :D

Anyway, now I have a school portfolio for applying to companies, and places.... Im so nervous! But I been working really hard, especially in animation.
So most of my nice stuff is gonna be in the portfolio site, but I like posting things here as well cause I think the learning process is just as important as the end result.

Here is the link: http://animation.sheridanc.on.ca/portfolio/2016/gomezcam/

Aaaand I also have some stuff from when I was working on my action analysis. My workbook, which I actually think tuned out really well. I like rendering with pencil :P
(btw my AA can be seen in the portfolio site)

This year's life drawing also got more fun. We got to rake some poses and make a superhero characterout of them. They put this one on the wall :)
and as always I love drawing animals!

Nov 16, 2014

Action Analysis and Multiplane Assignment Concept

This was mainly for layout, and I got inspiration from different artists when doing this, I also used A LOT of reference, and even now I'm still looking back on it and getting more to make a better work. I did some more stuff, but this are the ones I feel work better, and were more fun to work on.

Doing stagecoaches in layout last year was actually really helpful on the wagons, and how to simplify them.

3D hand

uv's. uvs are hell. So I did this in second year and I'm finally posting it! school has been really busy lately so I'll do my best to continue sharing my work here. Anyways, I like 3D modeling, and I think the modle itself came out well, but the texture itself was a pain.

I'll probably update again some other time to show you how the hand looks without the texture, and yes, that's how skinny my hands are...