Nov 16, 2014

Action Analysis and Multiplane Assignment Concept

This was mainly for layout, and I got inspiration from different artists when doing this, I also used A LOT of reference, and even now I'm still looking back on it and getting more to make a better work. I did some more stuff, but this are the ones I feel work better, and were more fun to work on.

Doing stagecoaches in layout last year was actually really helpful on the wagons, and how to simplify them.

3D hand

uv's. uvs are hell. So I did this in second year and I'm finally posting it! school has been really busy lately so I'll do my best to continue sharing my work here. Anyways, I like 3D modeling, and I think the modle itself came out well, but the texture itself was a pain.

I'll probably update again some other time to show you how the hand looks without the texture, and yes, that's how skinny my hands are...

May 23, 2014

axolotl 3D

Remeber that axolotl character I worked on a few months ago? I decided to name him Moyo, but still I feel like there's a better name out there for him...
Anyway I made a 3D model of him, and mudbox was being mean... I'll go back to clay... or just maya... maybe ¬¬
My teacher surprisingly liked it, but I guess he was also looking for the process work, and I'm glad I have the habit of saving all those process work papers. The sad part is that sometimes I forget where I put them...

Also for character class, we worked on making one of our previous characters improve a bit, I tried to put extra emphasis on the eyes since they were not as expressive, but to be honest I still like his other eyes a bit more.


And... the 3D stuff

Apr 27, 2014

blanche and stella

I said I would animate the bird didn't I, I wanna do better animation. I didnt quite like the beginning of the scene, but I did like her drama. I hope its not just my opinion, I worked hard on this, and it was fun :)
P.S. I used a line from a streetcar named desire
Hope you like it!

Looking at it now, I feel like I did it a bit too fast...

Apr 13, 2014

Ms. Snobby Head

Hello! Remember the snobby pig character timeline I did a year ago? this year I was able to model the old lady's head in Maya and Mudbox, to be honest I dont love mudbox, but I like modeling, so hopefully something good will come out of this on the summer :)

You can see the turn around here, and again I apologize for youtube's bad quality...

And here some stills


Mar 3, 2014

Beak and muzzle

I will be animating these characters and I'm a little nervous about it, but I worked hard on their designs, especially the bird's. I had never drawn a realistic bird like character, so I guess I was so afraid of it that I worked extra hard on it; however, it did turn out nicely, and my teacher thought so too :)

For this one I was inspired by a meerkat and someone I know.

And for this girl I wanted to draw a quetzal, a central american bird that could get extinct, so please support the animal organizations that try to take care of it ^^ (p.s. the one with the long tail is actually the male one, but its animation, you can cheat on this things :P )

Feb 25, 2014

Human lip synch

Hello again! So I hope people like this,I worked hard on it. The line he says is from the movie Saving Private Ryan, which I hadnt watched before doing this assignment. But I chose the line like that on purpose, so I could have some freedom applying some of the stuff we learned in acting class :)

All I knew about this movie was that it was about a soldier, so I thought about the many things that could make a soldier say these words in this tone of voice, and tried to make him remember those things when he was speaking. I also did some reasearch on real life world war II, and vietnam soldiers. I hope I did a good job. Although the software messed a bit with me :/

Feb 24, 2014

Interior Painting

I did this last year at around October.. I really liked it back then, but now... I think I could do better... the back wall is bothering me. I must say I do like layout and painting, I'm not very good at it, but I enjoy it, so I'll keep working to improve. Also, I think its amazing when your teacher magically fixes your work in 5 min using photoshop when giving feedback, I wanna be like that someday :D

I have to work on losing the fear of adding cast shadows to my layouts that would improve them so much! 

Jan 29, 2014

3D animation... I did better than I expected

So, hi! I know It's been a while, but you know... life happens and all that. Anyway apparently my 3D skills are better than I thought they were. I was really scared before touching maya for the first time, and I didnt understand anything! but I got used to it and I guess its coming :)
I have two assignments to show. I apologize for youtube's bad quality

Dog walk!

My teacher said it was almost perfect, and it made me really happy cause it was all thanks to... this thing...

This next one I dont like so much, but It was fun to try and do a whole little scene