May 23, 2014

axolotl 3D

Remeber that axolotl character I worked on a few months ago? I decided to name him Moyo, but still I feel like there's a better name out there for him...
Anyway I made a 3D model of him, and mudbox was being mean... I'll go back to clay... or just maya... maybe ¬¬
My teacher surprisingly liked it, but I guess he was also looking for the process work, and I'm glad I have the habit of saving all those process work papers. The sad part is that sometimes I forget where I put them...

Also for character class, we worked on making one of our previous characters improve a bit, I tried to put extra emphasis on the eyes since they were not as expressive, but to be honest I still like his other eyes a bit more.


And... the 3D stuff

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  1. HI can you put the download of this model? i want to do a 3d print.