May 30, 2012

Summer glass

Sooo today I'm here to show what I do in my "summer job" which is called glass etching! well I'm not really the one that does the etching, I just do drawings, use an knife to cut them out trying to leave positive or negative spaces, and then its send to Rigo (the etching guy) who wears a mask and uses a pressure machine to add sand size pieces of glass into the part of the glass that's left exposed. (Remember English is not my first language so this is a little hard to explain, but here are some photos of what I do.)

I started by put tape all over the piece of glass I had, this was a free drawing so I decided to do a seahorse
Look at the knife there. It a signal of that poor tape's destiny
Next is to use the knife to take off all of the tape from the places where you want the etching to be. In this case the seahorse.
Here's a detail from his face, notice the little pieces of tape left in order to respect the shape

Once you're don with the knife, the glass is taken to the etching room (which doesn't take more than 5 minutes) and here's the result:

Now you just take all the tape off the glass and voila!

I'll show you more of etching next time!

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