Oct 4, 2012

so... painting

I probably didnt do too well on this assignment, and I pray to the lord I pass this class....
So I had to do paintings with gouache, and it was fun... but it was hard too. You know I've never been good at painting; however, I kinda like it...
Anyway, I think I AM improving, and I really hope I'm right

I started with gradient studies the first one is supposed to be "transparent" and we had to see some of the paper, the second one was completely opaque, and it was also easier.


Next came the color gradients, cool and warm colors with black and white. The black is the hardest one I wonder why..

After this the assignment consisted of making a composition and then painting it with flat achromatic tones, achromatic tones with gradient, and finally color gradient. And here is the part where I think I'm improving, I hope my teacher can agree with me on that, but I also have to say that the color one was the most fun to do ^_^

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