Oct 22, 2011

3D! actual 3D touchable....heads

Hello people, I shall show you what my 3D classes have been like. Last year I did some fun and frustrating stuff ehem... cardboard head, this year is all limited to sculpture, but I'll show you both.

First let's look at my cardboard head, yay cardboard! yay cuts in my fingers! yay olfa knife! I think you got the idea... we were supposed to do our head with cardboard for this project, It was a really hard one, but I do think I got something from it since this was my first time thinking about how the human head was structured. I did this project around october last year, and I think it was a good thing to take some photos of it in process.

And now... The final piece!

Now I'll show you something from my sculpture class. I also learned a lot about the head structure from doing this; nothing like a three dimensional approach to the human head to learn how to handle it. I was supposed to make the head of one of my classmates but she wasn't there so I ended up doing a sculpture of another sculpture. Here the model:

And here is my sculpture on clay

I actually enjoyed doing the second one, it was like a break for some of my hardest classes *cough*computer involved classes*cough* I also felt happy with the results, I probably also like the fact that I was doing someone else's head because when I try to do something related to me it just... is more difficult.


  1. Wow you are so good at 3d stuff Ana! That head is.....near michelangleo quality dare I say. : D

    1. Haha, hopefully I'll get to be like him someday (only in abilities thou, cause they say he was kinda bipolar :S), thank you!