Nov 14, 2011

Photorealistic huh?

Well, hello people. Today I present to you.... my various attempts in photorealism :) I'm gonna highlight that, ATTEMPTS  Yes, I don't consider myself good at it, that's why I'm aiming to a more cartoony thing. Anyway this was part of my Imaging systems class, which I prefer to call "technical headache provoking drawing" Oh perspective! my dear... um... I don't like you.
 Here is my second attempt (I lost the first one, and it was awful) my desktop lamp
I think I actually liked this one. I know the base is all distorted, but I put a lot of effort into it, I promise! also the shade on the bulb is kind of oversized, I'm not perfect. period.
Now my third attempt, and the final project, which I kinda like, but at the same time I feel like I could have done this a lot better, or I don't know. It just looked better in my mind.

The first one, is the wireframe we always had to do for every project. For some reason, every time I look at it in person, I feel prouder about the wireframe than for the final piece. But now that I look at the picture I think I like the final more. I was inspired by the gothic style, more specifically Notre-Dame. Do you see the heart on the side window? that was my idea! :D but I think it looks better in the small window at the front. Some of the reasons I don't like it are the perspective of the waterfall (yeah I don't like perspective) and the fact that it doesn't seem like someone would actually live there... as I said, it looked better in my mind.

Now I'm remembering something my drawing teacher told me to do:

PERSPECTIVE IS MY FRIEND PERSPECTIVE IS MY FRIEND PERSPECTIVE IS MY FRIEND PERSPECTIVE IS MY FRIEND.... he actually wanted me to write this like a kinder garden kid learning the abc..  I wonder If I'll ever be able to grasp this concept.

By the way, I used copic markers for both. This didn't turn out so well, but I loved those markers <3

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