Nov 17, 2011

Life drawing..... why did I handed this in!?

This time I bring to you my first vca 2nd year life drawing assignment: gestures, contour, and boxes.
But seriously why did I handed this awful things in!? I blame the person sitting next to me at the time I made that decision! He or she should have told me how bad these were. But oh well.... here they are...
First, the gestures. I found out that I'm horrible at drawing if I don't do a gesture first, which I think is not bad.... but I should be able to do more than that. This first one is the one I like the most of the two. Its incomplete, but I find the upper part is somehow strong. I enjoy doing gestures :p

 Look at this! her position in the page is terrible, plus her legs are skinnier than they should be

 Now we come to the boxes (this had a name, but I don't remember it right now) I guess you can tell what the assignment was about by looking at the drawing. We were supposed to recreate the model's pose using boxes, but I found this kind of confusing, I didn't know how much detail to add to it. For example, if it had to be more like planes than like boxes, but I wasn't sure how to explain this at that time.
 Next is a contour... of Ron! the best model ever! I think this went well, considering how bad I am at contour drawings. I don't know if its just me or my line quality is improving. One thing I would change though its his hair... he has more and longer hair.
Okay... maybe I don't dislike these drawings so much, but the fact that I think they're bad hopefully means I'm improving...

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