Jul 25, 2011

First Post (such an original title)

Okay, first I promise I'll think of better titles for the next posts. Second, there are some things you might need to know. Here I am finally keeping the promise I made around two years ago of creating my own blog. To be honest I googled a little about what personal blogs should be about, and this was the word that rang  a bell on me: PERSONAL. Even though many of my friends have blogs about art or animation, and the blogs I read the most are about music, I'll give myself permission to post whatever I want. Still I have to say I would like to give my art a little bit more preference over all the topics. What I mean is, expect some variety from me. Another thing is, english is not my first language, but I wanted to make this blog so that more people could understand it. So if you ever see a trace of my bad english let me know and I'll gladly correct it ^ ^ 
Now without anything else to say. Welcome to my blog! comments and feedback are appreciated.
Also I did everything here unless I say its from another artist.

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